October 18, 2022

Harmonity Group is with us!

Harmonity Group is one of the fastest growing companies in Serbia, which provides IT and management services. What sets us apart from others is a team of professionals with knowledge and experience in both domains, as well as our 360˚ structure. With the idea of ​​providing clients with everything they need for business development in one place, we created a 360-degree service offer, which we implement through our five entities.
October 4, 2022

Understanding and art of algorithmic expression

The Petlja Foundation was founded with the aim of improving algorithmic literacy in Serbia. We believe that understanding algorithms and the art of algorithmic expression is necessary for everyone, and it is also important that those who are talented in programming recognize and develop their talent.
September 15, 2022

The 360° video platform at Vibe Factory festival

If you're looking for a unique experience, you've come to the right place! Meet the 360° video platform that will create unforgettable memories from the Vibe Factory festival. In the world of entertainment, the 360° video platform is a true exclusive that provides you with fantastic entertainment and a great way to promote your brand. The 360° Video Platform features a rotating stick with a ring light and camera that rotates around you in a 360° rotation while you stand on it.
August 25, 2022

Vukobratović’s days of robotics at the Vibe Factory festival

Serbian scientists have left their mark in many fields of science. At the Vibe Factory festival, on October 23, 2022, we want to celebrate one of our most famous roboticists, Miomir Vukobratović, a pioneer of Serbian and world robotics. During two days, together with members of his family and eminent experts in the field of robotics, mechatronics and automation, we will hold a kind of competition for children aged 6-19 from all parts of our country. We will recall his work and discover new interesting information that will help us advance in the field of robotics.
August 25, 2022

The Children’s Innovation Center

The Children's Innovation Center is a scientific and technical base that deals with the education of children and young people in the field of technical sciences, primarily: robotics, electronics and programming. Educators work in our center who impart knowledge to children aged 3.5-18 years applying the STEAM methodology. Our programs are designed by Lego experts for the early development of children and professors of technical faculties in Belgrade so that they awaken interest in these sciences in the best way, providing fun and attractive opportunities for research and learning, and all this by dealing with topics that are familiar and close to children.
June 16, 2022

Ambassador of the Serbian cosplay scene

"There are no ugly people, just bad Photoshop." If you think about it, the sentence is extremely versatile - it is applicable to all ideas of self-acceptance with all our shortcomings or uniqueness, all the way to developing the skill of self-promotion. We all have our better and worse moments, but as I also like to say, "I will fall, rise, wipe the dust from the crown and move on."
May 6, 2022

Another professional vibes with us

"There will be no shortage of ones ego, but one shall provide some value and virtue if you ask politely" - golden words from Leo Tot
April 20, 2022

Supreme Nexus at Vibe Factory festival

"Gaming has been neglected in our environment for no reason, and it was high time that something we could finally enjoy was finally happening. I don't see why athletes would be marginalized in any way."
April 8, 2022

We are the team!

While shooting a video: We baked and ate the biggest pizza in Serbia We only had one "small" omission, we needed a 3.5x3.5m baking pan, we ordered the pizza and people made it for us without any problems. When we went to get it, my brother and me, they just asked us where is our reinforcement. It was not clear to us what was happening until they told us that the casserole weighed 160 kg which Novi Žednik, a place near Subotica, was in vain on the map of interesting destinations, exclusively thanks to the Stubers. Those of us familiar with the topic, so many of us, are asked to continue reading the text. was very difficult for 2 people to carry it.