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The importance of educating the public about the widespread use of gaming in Serbia

Analyzes show that the low level of competence of parents is one of the starting problems on the topic of child safety, while it is followed by extremely rare motivation for meaningful, quality use of the Internet for educational purposes and by teachers. The absolute presence and necessity of the Internet in all segments of modern life, states that for greater safety of children on the Internet, continuous work with all active parties is necessary, with evident lowering of the age group of children to younger primary school age (7 to 9 years).

The world's gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. With this growth and development, the social responsibility of companies and the need to educate the public about the benefits of gaming in general is growing. All the above suggests the need to establish constructive and dynamic communication of all stakeholders and especially continuous, proactive sharing. The ultimate goal is the careful implementation of video games in the education system. Only by institutionalizing such a project can concrete, valid results be expected.

The first step in positioning gaming as one of the basic tools in education is the conference - The importance of educating the public about the widespread use of gaming in Serbia, where participants exchange experiences and ideas, and draw conclusions to the team appointed to implement the first phase of a pilot project supported by the Ministry. Education, science and technological development.

The participants of the conference are representatives of gaming studios that are already dealing with educational content, FDA, Academy of Arts, FTN, representatives of PEGI Association, as well as representatives of the Republic and Provincial Competent Ministries, but also professional associates in psychology and pedagogy. An important segment of the first preparatory phase is intensive communication with the public and through the media, with a special emphasis on social networks.

Esport is Sport

In order to accept sport as a "real" sport, we should go beyond the conventional understanding of sport, and we have not yet succeeded. Today, there are evident changes in the perception of Sport, so from 2024, athletes become full-fledged competitors in the Olympics.

Is an athlete, do they nurture healthy lifestyles and what kind of example do they set for young people? How does one become an athlete and does the synergy between sports and sports change the definition of sports in the future?

The answers to these and other questions at the Esport is Sport conference are given by: representatives of the Ministry of Sports, the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth, IESF, EEF, AEF, distinguished athletes and e athletes.

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