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Main stage
Presentations and innovations, showcases, giveaways, indie games awards, Vibe factory awards, Cosplay awards. The main stage will show the culture of gaming in a unique atmosphere of research. This is just a part of our planned content in the three-day program of Vibe Factory on the Main stage.
Indie stage
Independent production is part of the modern gaming scene. Because of the freedom and independence in the development of the indie scene, developers are focused on innovation and developing experimental gaming, taking risks and developing their products through digital channels rather than commercial publishers. That is why they are often categorized as art in gaming. At Vibe Factory and Art through the Indie stage you will find the latest achievements of the independent scene.
Vibetube stage
According to many researches and polls, YouTubers are an important source of information for millennials. YouTubers have a great influence in the modern world, and some have been the subject of scientific research. There will also be some of the most current gaming YouTubers at Vibe Factory! Giveaways, photos, promotions and more, in one place! Phenomenal Stubers are in charge of the complete Youtube stage program!
E-sport stage
Because sport is the inspiration of gaming. We are sure that our selection of the most attractive games will satisfy the adrenaline appetite of every gamer. We also promise top socializing with fiery cheering for the best teams.
Board Games
Social games are a kind of forerunner of modern gaming, and therefore an indispensable segment of our festival. Today's Board Games community is growing steadily, as an attractive and dynamic pastime for the whole family. With diverse and rich content, Vibe factory festival is dedicated to creating new board gamers.
Cosplay village
Imaginative, all tactilely creative with materials and colors, extroverted and eccentric will showcase their skills and achievements in the Cosplay segment. The biggest attraction of the gaming festival is the fashion show of costumed lovers of characters from video games and comics.