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Adria esport federation was founded in 2021 in Mostar, and the founders are Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In October of the same year in Zagreb, Croatia, Albania and Serbia joined AEF at a gaming conference organized by Good Game. Other members of the Adria region in the coming period are planned to join, in a slightly wider range, to create something like the ABA Basketball League, where the best teams from national championships could participate and fight for slots for the strongest European and world tournaments.

Intetic is an independent gaming studio located in the Republic of Macedonia. With a love of different genres, our vision is to create games where multiple genres are incorporated into one game. Escape Room type of game, with a mystery story behind it, where gamers can switch to first-person or third-person view at any time, where logical puzzles are everywhere, and moreover, randomization of the puzzle combinations and pickable items is executed every time when "New Game" is started ... that's is our passion. We love making games as much as we love playing them. We are video game enthusiasts who consider life as a game. People who every situation and place in the world are seeing through the prism of the game. Therefore, play games, play your life.

European Esport Federation, known as "Esports Europe", was founded by prominent national sports movements in Europe. The organization was founded in 2020 in Brussels, at the inaugural meeting held in the European Parliament, and was hosted by the Belgian Esport Federation. Membership in Esports Europe includes prominent Esports tournament organizers such as ESL and ESFORCE, along with national Esports associations and federations in Europe. Esports Europe represents the interests of European sports communities in the institutions of the International Sports Federation (IESF).

The goal of the Serbian Federation of Electronic Sports and Sports is promotion and standardization of sports with full integration of Serbian sports in the International organization esports, of which SESE is a member. SESE Alliance is governed by legitimately elected officials through club representatives with regular and associate assemblies. SESE invites all clubs and individuals who are actors on the sports scene of Serbia to contact and join the alliance so that we can all work together to promote, unite, popularize and standardize sports.

ASUS is a global technology leader that provides amazing experiences that improve the lives of people around the world. World-renowned for constantly thinking about modern technologies tailored to the needs of tomorrow, ASUS puts users first "in search of the amazing" to offer the world's most innovative and intuitive devices, components and solutions. ASUS is home to leading industry experts who are encouraged to follow their passion for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to bring future technologies to the world. With an internal team of 5,000 employees working in the research and development sector, ASUS has won numerous awards. Among other things, it is ranked as one of the most respected companies in the world on Fortune's Most Admired Companies list.

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing specific hardware for gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Since then, we have been creating the most powerful and diverse gaming laptops in the world. Our state-of-the-art devices take the gaming experience to the next level with best-in-class screens, top-notch performance and innovative cooling solutions.

Kerber Games is a small indie design studio for the production of social games from Serbia, which is currently bringing its new game - Final Challenge - to the world market. The team is young, energetic and creative and loves to make games that will leave people scratching their heads in wonder. Their values are creativity, wit and attention to detail.

Brave Studio Giant is a casual mobile game development studio. With years of experience in the distribution of HOPA PC games, we have shifted our focus to the world of mobile games. Today, our team is working to make the mobile gaming experience even better for players around the world by creating new content. We also create and promote board games, which were and remain our first love.

The mission of Elementary School "TVRĐAVA" is for children to know how to apply the knowledge they acquire in our school, in further education and life; to develop tolerance and respect for diversity in people, as well as empathy and self-respect. The vision of our school is to nurture the individuality of children and adults, quality human values (honesty, openness, independence, freedom of speech, self-respect, work habits, friendship, cheerfulness, creativity), desire for life and joy of living. By monitoring the psycho-physical development of each student, we provide the highest quality service for everyone and encourage them to give their maximum during the educational process. We prepare each student for the further education they want and choice for their own future. In Tvrđava, the learning of foreign languages is intensive, as is their applicability in practice (English, German and French), which helps in broadening perspectives related to schooling and life in general, and this contributes to greater openness towards international education systems. Professional staff working in our school should be self-aware and want to develop and advance, so that they are able to match the development of technology, science and learning systems.

Tummy Games is a successful gaming studio from Novi Sad that develops F2P games, with a special focus on the hyper-casual genre. All over the planet, we are recognized by big hits like Volley Beans, Slice It All, Pancake Art, which are played by tens of millions of players. Farm It is another hit of ours that you will find on Apple Arcade, which is the result of direct cooperation with Apple. We are particularly proud of the collaboration with the French company Voodoo that resulted by the Voodoo x Tummy Games Academy project. We were founded in 2018 by combining the ideas and creativity of three passionate gamers, and today our team consists of a serious team of interesting people who are very dedicated to their work. Our mission is to create simple and fun games that millions of players around the world will go crazy for! Discover them too!

Lootbox is a newly founded gaming studio that was created as a result of a successful collaboration between the already established Novi Sad team from Tummy Games and the global giant from the world of hyper-casual games, the French company Voodoo. The idea that united us is innovative projects in the field of NFT games and cryptocurrencies. Our team consists of about twenty very creative and funny people, who love to laugh out loud while recounting their amazing adventures over lunch. The values that guide us and that unite us are passion for games, talent, potential and belief in success. When you work with people you love, even on promising projects, every job is a song!

Sova gaming club was founded in August 2022. Our goal is to become a brand in gaming not only in Novi Sad but also in Serbia. We also aim to organize boot camps for preparation of professional tournaments for gamers. The content of the game room includes VIP and standard computers. You wonder why in VIP when standard computers are also excellent? Here's why! The key difference is in the case itself, which is absolutely inaudible when in operation, while a serious beast hides inside with as much as 32 gigabytes of RAM, an exceptional 3060Ti 8GB graphics card, which is one of the strongest on the market! The incredible Intel processor, which we don't have to write much about, is the I9-12900KF model with a cooler from the famous Cooler Master that works with the 3060Ti, it's just perfect! You might be wondering what kind of monitor it is? Ultra-fast, precise and simply unrepeatable 27-inch Alienware with brutal 240hz, serious gamers will know what kind of predator it is. In addition to these good things, there is also top-quality, professional gaming equipment from the Razer company, from mice with 26000DPI, mechanical Black Widow V3 keyboards, Gigantus pads, gaming chairs that you simply sink into! And let's not forget the most important thing.. Razer Kraken Ultimate headphones that provide unimaginable and accurate sound in any segment of gaming! And of course, the VIP room, which is totally isolated from all other computers and players, which makes for an even more serious and professional game. Also, for Sony Playstation 5 fans, we have a room to enjoy the best Sony games. We are waiting for you and your team! Welcome to Sova Gaming, enjoy!

From the first herbal shampoo back in 1904 to today, Garnier provides innovative and effective solutions for healthier skin and hair. Combinations of carefully selected ingredients and original formulas nurture and unite us with nature. As one of the world's leading cosmetics brands, Garnier takes a responsible approach to creating a positive impact in the fight to preserve our planet and develop sustainable beauty. Most of our skin and hair care products, as well as hair dyes, have recently been transformed to work with the aim of protecting the environment: recipes with over 90% natural origin, vegan formulas and certified organic product lines. In line with its Green Beauty initiative, Garnier also reduces the weight of its packaging, taking care of recyclability and the use of recycled plastic. All over the world, our products proudly carry the Leaping Bunny certificate, thanks to which all consumers can be completely convinced that Garnier does not test its products on animals. Indulge in Garnier care and step with us towards a sustainable, green future of the planet!

The world's first AR Museum of Makeup combines physical and digital reality into a unique experience for makeup lovers. Dunja Ognjenović and Ivana Kaljević present the PhygitalMakeup museum, the first museum in the world that lives in your phone, and your face is all you need for an unforgettable artistic experience. At the heart of the Museum's PhygitalMakeup is an augmented reality application, with various options for face tracking, that shows the history of makeup and other educational aspects of the Museum in a specific way. The museum exhibition takes place directly on the user's face, it is completely unique, innovative and immersive, putting the user at the forefront of the museum experience. Dunja and Ivana lead a team of passionate makeup and art lovers, technology enthusiasts, whose goal is to celebrate makeup and its power to change the world.

The Klett publishing house, a pioneer in the digitalization of education, has been publishing school textbooks in Serbia for more than 18 years, and for the last five years it has been extremely dedicated to the development of digitalization of education, a key reform measure aimed at modernizing the education system through the introduction of digital technologies. In cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic authors from various fields, it has so far published close to 2,000 textbooks for primary and secondary schools. In addition to high-quality printed school books, reading materials, collections for matriculation exams and other non-textbook publications, since 2017 the Klett publishing house has also been preparing modern, interactive digital textbooks which, in addition to enabling students to master the material more easily in an innovative and creative way, provide higher level of achievement of learning outcomes and raise the quality of digital competences of teachers and students.

Originally from Los Angeles, NYX Professional Makeup as a global brand operates in more than 70 markets. NYX Professional Makeup sets trends by conveying the spirit of Los Angeles, follows the street style when it comes to makeup, gives you the opportunity to experiment, be different and be yourself. What makes it special the most is that its offer includes products that meet the criteria of professional makeup artists, while at the same time they are affordable. That's why anyone who follows trends, wants to be cool, trendy and loves makeup, can afford it. The assortment is decorated with many shades, textures and final effects, everyone can find their ideal product - if it is a lipstick, eye shadow, glitters, primers, correctors, powders or sprays for fixing make-up. It is known for its makeup products with vegan formulas that are free of ingredients or by-products of animal origin. In addition, NYX Professional Makeup is cruelty-free certified by the PETA organization, which globally fights for animal rights and ethical treatment. NYX Professional Makeup believes that you don't need filters to create the perfect makeup look - all you need are the right formulas of professional products that will show what you really are - therefore the brand supports raw photos, without filters. A brand that believes in equality for all, confirming it every year around the world, gives you the opportunity to feel and paint your story with colors because - makeup knows no gender. NYX Professional Makeup products are created for anyone and everyone who wants to express themselves in an artistic way with the help of makeup. The brand recognized the potential of artistic expression within the Gaming industry and the Cosplay world - everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and transform into their favorite characters from the magical world of games. NYX Professional Makeup products are PRO - PROfessional, PROVEN, PROvocative. There for all occasions. And in all situations. Same for everyone. And special for you – it's NYX Professional Makeup.